Whole Earth began as a little company with some big ideas about offering more natural, healthier food. 40 years on, we’re still a little company with the same passion. Only “organic” is a less scary word than “macrobiotic” and more and more people are coming to share our vision.

We (Still) Think:

  • Healthier food should not be a punishment
  • When you’ve got natural ingredients, you don’t need artificial flavours
  • Organic food is better for planets and bodies
  • Everyday stuff like baked beans and ketchup should be organic, too
  • Our tastings are the best part of the job
  • Snacks need not be your enemy

Sparkling Organic Cranberry Drink

Sparkling Organic Elderflower Drink

Sparkling Organic Ginger Drink

Sparkling Organic Lemonade Drink