200g Jar – Original

200g Jar – Vanilla

  • Freesweet is available in three delightful variants – Original and Vanilla Granules, and our new beautiful Baking Blend, with a finer consistency.
  • Our total sugar replacement comes in a range of cost-effective and eco-friendly packs, all recyclable and re-useable.
  • Freesweet has been endorsed by Diabetes South Africa – non-profit organisation that supports and acts as an advocate for all people with diabetes in South Africa.
  • With a glycaemic index (GI) value of 3, Freesweet has hardly any effect on blood sugar levels. In turn, sugar has a GI of 65. Carb free, low calorie, low GI.
  • Freesweet offers all the sweetness without the guilt – no spikes, no slumps, no weight gain.

The benefits of FreeSweet Include:

  • No Artificial ingredients
  • Delicious sweetness with no bitter aftertaste
  • Bakes and caramelises beautifully
  • Replaces sugar in a 1:1 ratio in any recipe
  • Diabetic-friendly (endorsed by Diabetes South Africa)
  • Low glycaemic response – GI of 3 (sugar = 65)
  • May assist with weight loss
  • GMO-free.


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